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Bitcoin mining using renewable energy

Can Bitcoin Mining Incentivise Renewable Energy?

Bitcoin has been in the news for the past few months due to its staggering price rise within a year. COVID-19 has had an indirect effect on its rise, many believe with strict lockdowns and work-from-home culture, people have invested Read the rest

Grid Energy Storage Solutions

Grid Energy Storage Solutions

In the recent decade, there has been a boom in the renewable energy sector, especially for solar and wind energy. This is great news but there is an underlining problem. Wind and solar energy are collectively called Variable renewable energy Read the rest

Gravitricity: Generating Electricity using Gravity

Gravitricity: Generating Electricity using Gravity

Yes, you heard that right!!

Generating electricity using gravity is now even closer than ever before. Edinburgh based company named Gravitricity has been working on this novel project since its foundation in 2011 and is set to perform its first Read the rest

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