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Author: Sukanya Seal

A digital content writer by profession and a tech enthusiast by heart, the world of Electric Vehicles has always left me fascinated. And I am sure there are many like me who wish to know more and more about electric cars and bicycles. This has led me to share all the hottest news in this industry with my readers! Exploring new places, trying out different cuisines or binging on Netflix always brings a smile, of course when I am not writing!

Myths About Foldable Electric Cycles

5 Most Common Myths About Foldable Electric Cycles

A foldable electric bicycle is a single solution for multiple transportation problems. Especially if you’re someone looking for a means of transportation that’s cost-effective, super-cool and promotes an active lifestyle, I bet, there can be nothing better than a foldable Read the rest

Reasons Why You Should Buy a Foldable Electric Cycle

9 Good Reasons Why You Should Buy a Foldable Electric Cycle

How convenient would it be to fold your electric bicycle and carry it around anywhere you’d want to! No more struggling carrying 25 kgs all the way up to your room just to charge it for the next day. The Read the rest

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