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A Detailed Guide to E-Bike Maintenance

A Detailed Guide to E-Bike Maintenance

If you already have an e-bike, you must be thrilled to explore its numerous advantages. To ensure it continues to give you stellar performance every time, you must know how to care for e-bikes correctly. Moreover, if you’ve invested in Read the rest

Crucial Safety Tips for Every E-Bike Rider

6 Crucial Safety Tips for Every E-Bike Rider

No words can describe the joy you feel when you own an e-bike. At the same time, it’s common to take some time before you get familiar with the bolt of speed. You may initially feel frightened, but the fun Read the rest

Electric Bike Tires Things You Didn’t Know

Electric Bike Tires: Things You Didn’t Know

Cars or buses, scooters or cycles, and tires are crucial for any mode of transportation.

We really can’t imagine driving a vehicle without tires. If there were no tires, the entire design of any vehicle would be extremely different.Read the rest

How to Maximize Your E-Bike's Battery Life

How to Maximize Your E-Bike’s Battery Life?

The revolutionary impacts of electric bikes have been widely recognized for a long time now. From reducing carbon footprint to solving last-mile delivery challenges, electric bikes are a blessing in disguise.

Priced between INR 30,000 to 1,00,000, e-bikes can be
Read the rest

E-Cargo Bikes and Their Significance in Last Mile Delivery

E-Cargo Bikes – Their Significance in Last Mile Delivery

The logistics process entails numerous stages, each playing an imperative role in contributing to the success of the business. Transporting goods to the address of the customer is the final critical stage of the business. Hence, ensuring the timely delivery Read the rest

Electric Cycle Health Benefits

The Health Benefits of Riding an E-bike

It is widely known that cycling is one of the best exercises that benefit both your mental and physical well-being. It reduces the chances of developing diseases like cancer, type 2 diabetes, and cardiovascular problems. In fact, in contrast to Read the rest

Myths About Foldable Electric Cycles

5 Most Common Myths About Foldable Electric Cycles

A foldable electric bicycle is a single solution for multiple transportation problems. Especially if you’re someone looking for a means of transportation that’s cost-effective, super-cool and promotes an active lifestyle, I bet, there can be nothing better than a foldable Read the rest

Reasons Why You Should Buy a Foldable Electric Cycle

9 Good Reasons Why You Should Buy a Foldable Electric Cycle

How convenient would it be to fold your electric bicycle and carry it around anywhere you’d want to! No more struggling carrying 25 kgs all the way up to your room just to charge it for the next day. The Read the rest

How to maintain an Electric bike during the rainy season

How to Maintain an Electric Bike During Monsoon

It’s a fact that there has been a sharp increase in the sales of electric bikes in the Indian market during the pandemic. In contrast to traditional cycles, electric bikes are slightly costlier but you certainly can’t deny that it Read the rest

Hero Lectro C5 27-5

Hero Lectro Review & Buying Guide for 2021 Models

India is emerging to be a huge market for the Electric Vehicles industry, especially in the two-wheeler category. There have been lots of electric cycle companies popping up around the country in recent years. So, If you have been convinced Read the rest

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