India is emerging to be a huge market for the Electric Vehicles industry, especially in the two-wheeler category. There have been lots of electric cycle companies popping up around the country in recent years. So, If you have been convinced to buy an electric cycle, I am pretty sure you would be confused about which cycle to choose from.

So in this article, we will discuss why you should choose Hero Electric cycles over others and discuss which 2021 model might fit as per your requirements.


Why would you choose Hero Electric Cycles?

Mainly there are two types of electric cycle brands in India. One, which is locally made in different states and is sold online. Another one is the available brands at stores all over the country and is available for a test ride. Hero cycles fall under the latter type of brands.

Brand Matters

Hero cycles have been manufacturing and selling cycles since 1956 and are recognised as the largest cycle manufacturer in India and the world. Hero cycles are also spread over 70 countries like England, Germany etc.

Fun fact: Hero cycles is actually a Guinness World Record holder of the largest manufacturer brand in the world in 1986.

Almost every Indian has heard or has ridden Hero cycles in their lifetime and the brand has gained loads of trust amongst us for the past many years.

Hero cycle also have ventured into the EV industry by acquiring e-cycle brands like Avocet Sports Ltd in the brand name of Insync Bikes, a UK based company in 2015 and bought a majority stake in German e-bike manufacturer HNF-Nicolai in 2019.

So, after learning so much we can definitely assume that Hero cycles are here to stay in the EV market for sure and will definitely improve and expand its lineup.

Hero Lectro Models 2021

Here is a full list of Hero Lectro cycle 2021 models (under ₹35,000)

Hero Lectro Kinza SS (Amazon link)
Hero Lectro Kinza 7S (Amazon link)
Hero Lectro Clix 26T SS (Amazon link)
Hero Lectro Clix 26T 7S (Amazon link)
Hero Lectro C3i
Hero Lectro C3
Hero Lectro C3 27.5
Hero Lectro C4
Hero Lectro C5
Hero Lectro C5i
Hero Lectro C6
Hero Lectro C8

If you were familiar with the Lectro models before 2021, you might have noticed that they added new models to their official site. Hero Lectro cycles have not made any substantial changes from the old one, but have added a few new models with smart features. Here are the model comparisons from the old and the new models

Which Hero Lectro Model will best fit your needs?

Now that we know all the model names, the next question you might ask is what are the differences between them and which one will fit your needs?

To answer this question we need to understand the difference between the models available and which feature-rich e-cycle will serve you the best.


Electric cycles are definitely pricer than any regular cycle, the main component of an electric cycle is the battery and the motor. Hero Lectro cycles offer one of the cheapest electric cycles in India and are expanding their offering in a range of price points. A few models are officially sold on Amazon and Flipkart where you might get it at a lower price.

Cycle NamePrice
Hero Lectro Kinza SS23,499
Hero Lectro Kinza 7S25,499
Hero Lectro Clix 26T SS23,499
Hero Lectro Clix 26T 7S25,499
Hero Lectro C3i29,999
Hero Lectro C325,999
Hero Lectro C3 27.525,999
Hero Lectro C425,999
Hero Lectro C527,499
Hero Lectro C5i29,999
Hero Lectro C624,999
Hero Lectro C8 700C32,499

Range/ Battery

Now we know that all Lectro e-cycles have the same range and battery size except for a few models, but there is more to it. The range given above is only the figure when you run only on the battery. Hero Lectro cycles provide a range of modes where you can increase the range of the battery.

All the following modes are available in all the models of Lectro

Cycle NameRange with
Range with
Pedal Assist
Hero Lectro Kinza SS25 km30 km36 v, 5.8Ah
Hero Lectro Kinza 7S25 km30 km36 v, 5.8Ah
Hero Lectro Clix 26T SS25 km30 km36 v, 5.8Ah
Hero Lectro Clix 26T 7S25 km30 km36 v, 5.8Ah
Hero Lectro C3i25 km30 km36 v, 5.8Ah
Hero Lectro C325 km30 km36 v, 5.8Ah
Hero Lectro C3 27.525 km30 km36 v, 5.8Ah
Hero Lectro C425 km30 km36 v, 5.8Ah
Hero Lectro C525 km30 km36 v, 5.8Ah
Hero Lectro C5i25 km30 km36 v, 5.8Ah
Hero Lectro C625 km30 km36 v, 5.8Ah
Hero Lectro C8 700C25 km30 km36 v, 5.8Ah

Throttle Mode

This mode will basically allow riding your cycle without pedalling at a maximum speed of 25km per hour. This mode actually makes you feel that you are riding a motorbike, where you will only have to twist the throttle bar and it will glide through.

The maximum range that the Hero Lectro cycles, except for EHX20, F6i and C9, offer is 25 km and the range is ideal for a 70kg person.

You can use the throttle mode whenever you want but I prefer it when I feel a bit tired cycling. As this mode uses the battery the most, I prefer to use it the least. The less you use it, the less frequent you will need to charge the battery, thus the more battery cycles you will be left with.

Pedelec mode

As the name suggests, you will need to pedal to switch on the motor in the Pedelec mode. A sensor is placed near the bicycle’s pedal axle, which will sense the motion of the pedal to switch on the motor. The speed of the motor can be controlled with the help of a regulator present on the handlebar. It has a three-speed option, low, medium and high.

The low-speed option will use the battery the least and the high will use the most.

By far the Pedelec mode is the best mode for me, it gives a decent range with good speed and also provides for a light exercise without much sweat.

Hero Lectro cycles have listed the range of the Pedelec mode considering the high-speed option, to be around 30 km.

Walk mode or Cruise Mode

This mode will help you cruise at a constant speed of 6km/hr for comfortably walking with your cycle without the use of a throttle bar or pedalling.

Pedal Mode

Hero Lectro cycles have mentioned it on their website as a mode, but I would not call it a mode because it is what a cycle is made for. You can just turn off the battery power and ride I as any regular cycle. This basic feature of an electric cycle stands out from the rest of the EVs available.

Any other EVs present in the market will be useless if the battery drains out, but not in the case of an electric cycle. You can any time just pedal your cycle to your destination and charge it for your next ride.

As we can understand from the above point is that all the cycles have the same battery capacity. Now we have to see next is which extra feature might be worth the extra cost.

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Gears work in the same way in cycles as well as in cars. There are a few benefits of a geared cycle vs a non geared one. But when it is for an electric cycle, things are a bit different. Here are some benefits of a 7-speed gear over a single-speed cycle

  • Easier to accelerate to attain higher speed with less effort
  • Makes it easy to climb on steep slopes
  • Is lighter on the footer when riding on lower gears, this is helpful for elderly people

But in the case of an electric cycle, things are a bit different. All electric cycles except EHW20, have a rare hub motor. The rare hub motor is an independent motor attached to the rare wheel and is not attached to the drivetrain. So, the rear hub motor will not be benefitted from having a 7-speed gear system in the throttle mode.

Having said that, you can use the gears system to full effect in the Pedelec mode.

Hero Lectro Models come in single and 7-speed gear options from Shimaroo.

Cycle NameGear Type
Hero Lectro Kinza SSSingle Speed
Hero Lectro Kinza 7S7 Gear Speed
Hero Lectro Clix 26T SSSingle Speed
Hero Lectro Clix 26T 7S7 Gear Speed
Hero Lectro C3iSingle Speed
Hero Lectro C3Single Speed
Hero Lectro C3 27.5Single Speed
Hero Lectro C4Single Speed
Hero Lectro C5Single Speed
Hero Lectro C5iSingle Speed
Hero Lectro C6Single Speed
Hero Lectro C8 700C7 Gear Speed


Design is actually an important segment for an electric cycle where I would like to share two important aspects of it. One is the battery placement and the other is the design of the frame.

The majority of the Lectro cycles have a fixed battery that is inbuilt inside the frame. This though adds a good design touch to it but there is a major downside. If you live in a multi-storied building it might be difficult for you to carry it up to charge due to its weight. Having a removal battery like the EHW20, F6i and C9, makes it more convenient. The best thing (for some) that can be done for a fixed battery cycle is that you can remove the front wheel and make it fit in the elevator.

The second aspect is the design of the frame. There are two types of frame designs available for the Lectro cycles. One is the regular unisex design and the other is the step-through design, also known as a Lady frame.

The brand previously had promoted the step-through frame design as a Lady frame, but in my opinion, a step-through frame should not be marketed as a female-only cycle as the design is beneficial to both the sexes.


One of the most important components of a vehicle is the braking system. The safety of a vehicle is also determined by the responsiveness of the brakes.

Hero Lectro offers two types of combinations of brakes.

One has the front disc and rear V brakes and the other model set has disc brakes in both the front and rear. Except for the EHX20, which has hydraulic brakes, every model is equipped with mechanical brakes.

Pros of a V brake

  • The only pro is that it cost less than a disc brake

Cons of a V brake

  • Less responsive brake when compared to the disc
  • The rubber tends to skid during wet conditions, might be dangerous cycling in the rain
  • The rubber losses its grip due to fiction and needs continuous replacement

Pros of a Disc brake

  • Faster responsiveness
  • Lasts longer than the V brake and does not need frequent replacement
  • The responsiveness is not affected when cycling in the rain

Cons of Disc brake

  • Is more expensive
  • You will be needing professional help to fix it in the case of a damage

Cycle NameBrake Type
Hero Lectro Kinza SSFront Disc & rear V Brake
Hero Lectro Kinza 7SFront Disc & rear V Brake
Hero Lectro Clix 26T SSFront Disc & rear V Brake
Hero Lectro Clix 26T 7SFront Disc & rear V Brake
Hero Lectro C3iFront Disc & rear V Brake
Hero Lectro C3Front Disc & rear V Brake
Hero Lectro C3 27.5Front Disc & rear V Brake
Hero Lectro C4Front Disc & rear V Brake
Hero Lectro C5Front & Rear Disc Brake
Hero Lectro C5iFront Disc & rear V Brake
Hero Lectro C6Front Disc & rear V Brake
Hero Lectro C8 700CFront & Rear Disc Brake

So if you are a person who does not want to commute daily or during the rain, V brakes are good for you. But as electric cycles run faster than an average cycle, I would highly recommend you choose a model with both front and rear disc brakes.


Having suspensions on a cycle wasn’t as common as of now. This feature was solely made for Mountain Bikes (MTB), to absorb the shocks of its terrain. But cycle manufacturers in India are actually adding suspensions to their city cycles due to Indian road conditions. These types of cycles are also called Hybrid cycles.

Cycle NameSuspection
Hero Lectro Kinza SSNA
Hero Lectro Kinza 7SNA
Hero Lectro Clix 26T SSNA
Hero Lectro Clix 26T 7SNA
Hero Lectro C3iFront wheel
Hero Lectro C3NA
Hero Lectro C3 27.5NA
Hero Lectro C4NA
Hero Lectro C5NA
Hero Lectro C5iFront wheel
Hero Lectro C6NA
Hero Lectro C8 700CFront wheel

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Cycling on Indian roads can be tough for many and having a front suspension might help to tackle Indian road conditions. The suspensions used here have adjustable lock switches which help to vary the suspension stiffness.

I have been using the Hero Letro Townmaster, which has the same feature set as the C8. I have experimented to see if it makes any difference by switching the suspensions on and off.

Honestly, it is not a game-changer, having a front suspension will not make your ride super comfortable but it is good to have an option.

Tyre type

There are different types of cycle tyres available in the market, every type has is made for a particular usage. Hero Lectro cycles come in various tyre dimensions from hybrid-tyre to MTB type of tyres. But here are a few things which you should keep in mind before choice

  • Tyre Thickness: The more the thickness the more the grip offered. But having a thick tyre means you will have more fiction. In that case, you will have to give a bit more power to the pedal. Thinner 700C tyres tend to be faster than thick MTB tyres.
    Having said that, MTB types are suitable for off roads and thinner 700c type tyres can be used for both city and off roads
  • Tyre size: Hero Lectro cycles have a range of tyre sizes ranging from 26 inches up to 27.5 inches. Size does matter here, not for its pros and cons but for its utility.

Cycles with 26-inch tyres have faster acceleration and are very nibble than 700Cs.

On the other hand, 700Cs can attain higher speeds better than a smaller wheel and are smooth over bumps.

You also need to consider your height into factor, as it is the comfort that matters at the end of the day.

Talking about comfort and height, Lectro also comes in different frame sizes to choose from.

Cycle NameTyre DiameterTyre TypeTyre Dimensions (mm)
Hero Lectro Kinza SS27.5 InchMTB584 x 50
Hero Lectro Kinza 7S27.5 InchMTB559 x 50
Hero Lectro Clix 26T SS26 InchMTB559 x 50
Hero Lectro Clix 26T 7S26 InchMTB559 x 50
Hero Lectro C3i26 InchMTB559 x 50
Hero Lectro C326 InchMTB559 x 50
Hero Lectro C3 27.527.5 InchMTB584 x 50
Hero Lectro C426 InchMTB559 x 50
Hero Lectro C527.5 InchMTB584 x 51
Hero Lectro C5i27.5 InchMTB584 x 52
Hero Lectro C6700cHybrid700 x 35
Hero Lectro C8 700C700cHybrid700x38 Nylon

Frame Size

Choosing the correct frame size is crucial to your health and comfort. Choosing the wrong frame size can lead to pain in the back, hips and shoulders. To avoid such problems one should first test ride before buying one.

Lectro is available in 4 different sizes:

Cycle NameFrame Size
Hero Lectro Kinza SS18 Inch
Hero Lectro Kinza 7S18 Inch
Hero Lectro Clix 26T SS16 Inch
Hero Lectro Clix 26T 7S16 Inch
Hero Lectro C3i16 Inch
Hero Lectro C316 Inch
Hero Lectro C3 27.517 Inch
Hero Lectro C416 Inch Step through
Hero Lectro C518 Inch
Hero Lectro C5i18 Inch
Hero Lectro C618.5 Inch
Hero Lectro C8 700C18.5 Inch

Smart features

Hero Lectro cycle did not have any smart features in the old models but slowly added and updated the lineup.

Here are a few smart features present in only two models, Lectro C6i and C5i

  • RFID lock system: RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification system, which uses a Radio Frequency to unlock when a tag or the key is placed near the sensor.
    With the cycle, you will get two RFID keys which you need to touch on the battery indicator to lock or unlock the electronics system.
  • Bluetooth App: Hero Lectro offers a Bluetooth smart app that can be connected with select models where you can track the distance, speed, calories burnt, battery percentage of the cycle, etc. The app can be connected with Strava and can be used to sync the ride history. You can download the app and use it with any kind of cycle, but you won’t be able to use the smart connectivity options. For more information watch their official video on Hero Lectro iSmart app Functions

The most disappointing thing about Lectro models majority of them still does not have an inbuilt lockin or ignition key feature. This is really a bummer considering its cost and that anyone can switch on the electronics just by pressing a button. This is feature is really important on such high priced cycles.


Hero Lectro has an edge over other cycle brands at least in India. As Hero is the largest cycle brand in India, it has the most number of retail stores available. No matter where you stay in India, you will find a hero retail store in your state. I highly recommend you to visit one of these stores and test ride their cycles to have an idea.

It is always best to experience it firsthand rather than gamble your hard-earned money buying online.

To find the nearest store of Hero Lectro, visit their store locator.

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