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Electric Cycle Health Benefits

The Health Benefits of Riding an E-bike

It is widely known that cycling is one of the best exercises that benefit both your mental and physical well-being. It reduces the chances of developing diseases like cancer, type 2 diabetes, and cardiovascular problems. In fact, in contrast to Read the rest

Myths About Foldable Electric Cycles

5 Most Common Myths About Foldable Electric Cycles

A foldable electric bicycle is a single solution for multiple transportation problems. Especially if you’re someone looking for a means of transportation that’s cost-effective, super-cool and promotes an active lifestyle, I bet, there can be nothing better than a foldable Read the rest

Reasons Why You Should Buy a Foldable Electric Cycle

9 Good Reasons Why You Should Buy a Foldable Electric Cycle

How convenient would it be to fold your electric bicycle and carry it around anywhere you’d want to! No more struggling carrying 25 kgs all the way up to your room just to charge it for the next day. The Read the rest

How to maintain an Electric bike during the rainy season

How to Maintain an Electric Bike During Monsoon

It’s a fact that there has been a sharp increase in the sales of electric bikes in the Indian market during the pandemic. In contrast to traditional cycles, electric bikes are slightly costlier but you certainly can’t deny that it Read the rest

Hero Lectro C5 27-5

Hero Lectro Review & Buying Guide for 2021 Models

India is emerging to be a huge market for the Electric Vehicles industry, especially in the two-wheeler category. There have been lots of electric cycle companies popping up around the country in recent years. So, If you have been convinced Read the rest

Is it Safe to Ride Electric Cycle in India

Is it Safe to Ride an Electric Cycle in India?

Unlike many European countries, India is not a bicycle-friendly country. In the pre-pandemic world, many cities did not allow cycling on the main road. Many cities do not have a dedicated lane for cycling or a separate parking space. But Read the rest

Eletric bicycle vs Electric Scooter banner

Electric Bicycle vs Electric Scooter: Choose the Right One for You

Electric vehicles are the inevitable future of transportation. More and more people have opted for EVs in 2020 than ever before.

But while making a choice you might be confused as to which EV will be better for your personal Read the rest

Is buying an electric bicycle worth it

Is Buying an Electric Bicycle Worth it?

COVID-19 has impacted every country in a way nobody has ever seen in a hundred years and India is no exception. People of India have been forced to make changes in their lifestyles to make a living. For many in Read the rest

Bitcoin mining using renewable energy

Can Bitcoin Mining Incentivise Renewable Energy?

Bitcoin has been in the news for the past few months due to its staggering price rise within a year. COVID-19 has had an indirect effect on its rise, many believe with strict lockdowns and work-from-home culture, people have invested Read the rest

Grid Energy Storage Solutions

Grid Energy Storage Solutions

In the recent decade, there has been a boom in the renewable energy sector, especially for solar and wind energy. This is great news but there is an underlining problem. Wind and solar energy are collectively called Variable renewable energy Read the rest

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