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Bhadla Solar Park Aerial View

Bhadla Solar Park: World’s Largest Solar Plant

The new crown for the World’s Largest Solar plant has gone to Bhadla Solar Park in March 2020, which is located in Rajasthan, India with a total capacity of 2245 MW and is providing electricity to millions in India.

The Read the rest

The Story of Eletricity in Ladakh

Electricity in Ladakh: The Story

Ladakh, which is also known as ‘The Land of High Passes’, is India’s one of the most heavenly places. Though a barren land, it is surrounded by high ice-capped mountains which are truly breathtaking and picture-perfect. Ladakh is one of Read the rest

The Story of Solar Energy in India

You might have heard the story of Iceland and its success in achieving zero carbon emissions by utilizing Geothermal energy. Iceland falls on an active tectonic plate due to which it has a rich source of Geysers and hot springs. Read the rest

How to Utilize Solar Energy at Home banner image

5 Easy Ways to Utilize Solar Energy at Home

Being born and brought up in a developing country means there is always a deficit of resources. Inflation is always on the rise in this part of the world, which means the prices of commodities are high. 

In my early Read the rest

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